Yayasan Anugerah Sempurna founded by the pastor of "City on a Hill" Church, Ps. Ruddy Assa, S.sos and his wife Ps. Monalisa Soejono, S.H. Their vision is in accordance with the name of the congregation he pastored. In 2006 God revealed His heart to Ps. Ruddy and wife to provide services in the field of education. It was only because of God's grace in 2007 Kindergarten named "Grace Land" was opened. Thirteen kids were enrolled at the opening of the School year in, and the number had reached 30 at the end of that 2009. At that time there was no Christian Kindergarten in Lembang area and Grace Land School was expected to facilitate Christians who wanted to send their children to Christian schools. 

By the year 2010 the vision held by Ps. Ruddy Assa, S.sos and his wife developed, they have a desire to be able to reach more children who want to get qualified education and material with Christ Centered Curriculum considering to meet the needs that there’s no Primary and Middle Christian School in Lembang District so people had to travel far enough to be able to reach Christian schools. Grace Land students who have graduated from reluctantly must enroll in public schools even though from an early age they have been nurtured by the truth of God's Word, their concern is that these good habits can be eroded by the new environment that will shape them. 

Finally, in 2010 the founder decided to open educational services not only for kindergarten but also for primary and middle school. Grace Land also changed its name to EAGLE (Excellent Achievement in Global Leadership Education) the vision is increasingly sharpened with the hope that this educational institution can give birth to an excellent generation who loves God and is a prospective leader with a global perspective. For this reason, the material provided by EAGLE is material based on the Bible, based on the character of Christ. Eagle student is seen as a unique creation with their own characteristics, equipped by God with talents that need to be recognized and developed early.

Anugerah Sempurna Foundation 

Board Leader

Ps. Ruddy Assa, S.sos
Founder of EAGLE School
Chairman of Anugerah Sempurna Foundation

Mrs. Monalisa Soejono, S.H.

Founder of EAGLE School

Treasury of Anugerah Sempurna Foundation
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Mrs. Lidia Susanti, S.Pd

Teacher of EAGLE School
Secretary of Anugerah Sempurna Foundation